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underflow [userpic]


January 1st, 2012 (05:28 pm)

Deep-dwelling Poseidon, shield of sailors,
stiller of storms, shaker of the earth beneath us,
I praise you. Well known you were in days of old,
honored above all others in far-famed Corinth;
your temples stood throughout the ancient lands,
each floor well polished by the feet of the devoted.
In times still longer past, still further lost in time,
were you among the first of gods whose names
were known to men, the first whose might was honored,
the first who answered desperate pleas with dear blessings.
Poseidon, whose voice we hear in the crash of waves,
whose hand guides the fate of all who venture out
upon the sea, to whom we owe thanks for transport
and trade, for salt fish and sweet water, I praise you.

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December 25th, 2011 (01:42 am)
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To great-hearted Pan, master of the woodland,
I offer my praise. Wise and knowing god,
older than old, holder of the earth's secrets,
teacher of prophecy to shining Apollo,
generous one who gifted fair Artemis
with the swiftest of coursers, joyous son of Hermes
who plays upon the pipes, who leads the dances
of the nymphs, who joins with the maenads and satyrs
in Bacchus' wild band, I call to you with my thanks.
Great Pan who is as simple and as enigmatic
as nature itself, whose voice we hear in the wind
behind our backs, to you I give all honor.

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To the Graces

December 24th, 2011 (01:47 am)

I call to the Graces, maidens three whose loveliness
and charm are unsurpassed among the deathless gods,
daughters of thundering Zeus, sprightly and lissome,
attendant on Hera of the fathomless eyes
and golden Aphrodite. Ever welcome
you are, well-garlanded ones, bringers of joy
and mirth; in life's many pleasures we see your hand.
Yours is the play of children, yours the merry dance
and the sumptuous feast, yours the laughter of good friends.
Fair ones, granters of ease and delight, I praise you.

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December 22nd, 2011 (11:46 pm)

Beautiful Semele, strong-hearted daughter
of Cadmus and Harmonia, child of Thebes
who bore the shining son of lightning-wielding Zeus,
beloved mother of Dionysos who carried
you from Hades' dark depths to the shining halls
of Olympos, there to join with the deathless gods
in unending joy. Thyone were you called, O goddess,
by those who received your blessing of madness.
Many were the libations poured out at your shrines,
many the graceful maids who danced in your honor,
many the fragrant flowers strewn at your feet.
Semele of the flowing hair, robed in purple,
wreathed in ivy, through you do maenads find their way
to frenzy, through you do we find our way to bliss.

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Prayer to Heracles for Protection

December 22nd, 2011 (01:42 am)

Heracles, strong-armed son of Zeus and Alcmene
of the dark eyes, great one whose deeds are well known,
whose ancient stories are yet told throughout the world,
whose glorious name will never be forgotten,
I praise and honor you. Libations you received,
in older times poured out upon the earth as befit
a hero; in later days were offerings made
to you on shining altars and at festivals.
Kind Heracles, friend of mankind, defender
of humanity, I call to you for refuge.
Shelter and shield us from harm, O Heracles;
ward us well, I pray; preserve us from all evil.

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Prayer to Artemis for Joy in Oneself Alone

December 22nd, 2011 (12:23 am)

Wild-running Artemis, daughter of thundering Zeus,
fleet-footed huntress, bright-hearted girl whose joy it is
to roam the wood and flowered field, you hold the mountains
as your own. Artemis, fair maid of the forest,
I call out to you. In all things, O goddess,
are you sovereign; in all ways do you uphold
your own might. Artemis, friend of the maiden,
friend of all who are sufficient to themselves,
grant to me the joy of independence, the solace
of self-reliance. May I treasure my solitude,
O Artemis; may I sing with my own voice.

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Prayer to Eros for the Gift of Desire

December 12th, 2011 (01:48 am)
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Eros, ancient one whose might it was that brought life
into being, capricious one whose gift it is
to fire the hearts of gods and men with lust and love,
I call out to you. Eros, master of desire,
bearer of the bow, your golden shafts you shoot,
so swift, so sharp, we barely feel the prick.
Eros, your blessings I have known; I know their worth.
They are a treasure, precious and true. Eros,
grant to me your sweet misery, the yearning
and the need that drive mankind, that bring us
together again and again. Strike me
with your dart, O Eros, make of me your mark.

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December 11th, 2011 (07:47 pm)

Shining Apollo, bright-haired son of Zeus,
strong of arm and flawless of form, of all the gods
none are your equal in beauty or grace. Apollo,
of Leto were you born on well-favored Delos;
in Athens and in Sparta and in all the lands
were you honored. To you did men and women
offer prayers for health and healing in days of old;
to you did the poets call for inspiration,
O leader of the lovely Muses. Apollo,
driver of all ill and evil from the land,
in Delphi were you served by the faithful Pythia,
with whom you shared your prophecies.
Apollo, never has your glory been forgotten;
throughout the centuries have artists turned to you
for light and vision. Great god, I praise you and your gifts.

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Prayer to Harmonia for a Peaceful Heart

December 11th, 2011 (06:01 pm)

Gentle Harmonia, daughter of Aphrodite
who bore a lifetime of ill fortune with patience
and grace, who knows well how to find peace and comfort
in any circumstances, I pray to you.
Goddess, grant to me a portion of your poise.
Grant to me the strength always to see the good,
grant to me the open heart to take joy
where I find it, grant to me a happy nature.
Bless me, goddess, with contentment and a quiet mind.

underflow [userpic]

Prayer to Harmonia for a Peaceful Home

December 11th, 2011 (05:37 pm)

Blessed Harmonia, child of lovely Aphrodite
and strong-hearted Ares, white-armed goddess whose gift
it is to soothe the soul, whose work it is to ease
the conflicts of men and women, I pray to you.
Fair-tressed bride of Cadmus who knows the worth
of a happy home, Harmonia, I call to you.
Grant to me your favor, O peace-loving goddess;
make my home a haven of tranquility
for all who dwell within. Keep from my door
all who would wish us ill and all who would bring
to us discord and strife. Bless us with friendship
and understanding, and the will to hold together.

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December 11th, 2011 (04:33 pm)

Golden Aphrodite, fair and fearsome goddess,
mighty one whose will it is that the heart leads us
where the mind knows not to go; Aphrodite,
whose hand it is that guides us to the cliff's edge,
whose voice it that dares us to jump into the dark,
whose gift it is that love's reward is worth any risk.
Blessed Aphrodite, many have sought to turn
from you, but fire is fire, and feeling is feeling,
and neither can be contained by will alone.
Goddess, I thank you for moments free of reason,
I thank you for the dominion of desire.
Aphrodite, yours is the force of life, yours
the call of instinct; goddess whose power it is
that leads us to joy or desperation, I praise you
for your many gifts, I ask your blessing.

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Prayer to Dionysos for Discovery

November 25th, 2011 (09:58 pm)

Dionysos, god who sees to the center
of being, god who stands on the edges,
whose arrival is sudden and swift, I call to you.
Dionysos, granter of revelations,
granter of pleasure and delight, the transport
of the spirit is yours to give. You know the way
to the soul, you hold the key to understanding.
Dionysos, guide me through uncertainty,
show me the comfort of the dark, of the night.
I pray to you, show me how to seek my nature,
open my heart to meaning, lead me to truth.

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Prayer to Ares for Courage

November 25th, 2011 (02:41 am)
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Ares, fierce-hearted son of Zeus and noble Hera,
full-famed you are as god of war. To you do soldiers
pray when battle is most heated, when mettle
is most needed. To you as well do we turn
in desperate times, to you do we call for strength,
for the spirit to endure. You understand the terror
of struggle and strife, you confront it in every way.
Ares, your courage is unquestioned, your might
and your prowess unequaled. Ares, friend to those
in direst need, I pray to you, grant me the nerve
to face what must be faced, grant me the will to do
what must be done, grant me the heart to forge ahead.

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Prayer to Athena for Wisdom

November 24th, 2011 (01:48 am)

Clear-eyed Athena, unrivaled in wisdom,
daughter of Zeus and Metis whose craft and wit
excelled among the mighty Titans: Athena,
I pray to you. Wise in all things you are, goddess;
your cunning and guile are well known. In time of war
you have no equal in tactics or in strategy;
many armies have you guided to victory.
In time of peace your blessings fall on those whose work
is of the mind--friend of the philosopher,
the scientist, the student. Advisor of kings,
patron of clever heroes and bold-hearted
adventurers, defender of the thinker,
mistress of reason and understanding, goddess
to whom a strong arm and a sharp sword are nothing
without the sense to wield them well and the insight
to know when words are worth more than weapons.
Athena, grant me a sound mind and steady temper,
bless me with good judgment, show me the long view.

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Prayer to Hermes for a Honeyed Tongue

November 23rd, 2011 (01:00 am)

Wise and cunning Hermes, son of lightning-wielding
Zeus and Maia of the coal-black eyes. clever one
who knew from birth the power of a well-wrought word,
I pray to you. Hermes, friend of those who live
by the work of their wits, sweeten my words
that those who hear them find them agreeable,
sharpen my speech, grant to me skill in all the tricks
of discourse and the subtle arts of rhetoric,
teach to me the craft of persuasion, quicken
my mind, show me how best to parry the advances
of those who oppose me, show me how best to gain
the good will of those whose support I seek. Hermes,
grant that I use your gifts with care and wisdom,
grant that charm merely polish the truth of my words.

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Prayer to Apollo for Inspiration

November 20th, 2011 (01:50 am)

I call to you, bright Apollo, son of Zeus
and gentle-natured Leto, god whose many gifts
have enriched our lives, skillful maker of music,
crafter of words whose poetic might brings wonder
to the world of men. Shining Apollo, master
of the Muses, inspiration in art and song
is yours to give. I pray to you, O Phoebus,
touch my soul with beauty, touch my heart with light,
grant me the vision to transcend the self,
grant me the spirit to share what I see.

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Prayer to Athena and Hephaistos for Skillful Hands

November 20th, 2011 (12:59 am)

To grey-eyed Athena and strong-armed Hephaistos
I pray! Gods of skill, gods of craft, great friends you are
to artisans, to those who work with mind and hand,
to those who with the artist's eye create things
of use as well as beauty. In times of old
were you well honored for your gifts to mankind:
Athena the Worker, Hephaistos the Resourceful,
named so by men grateful for your many blessings.
I pray to you, great goddess and god: grant to me
the vision to create, grant me the ability
to bring those visions into being. Athena,
Hephaistos, grant to me the joy of the work.

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Prayer to Selene to Greet the Moon

November 19th, 2011 (03:41 pm)

Selene, white-armed mistress of the shining moon,
the silver crescent crowns your ebon hair; cloaked
in darkness you cross the cold night sky, O goddess.
To you, O Selene, I offer my greeting,
my praise, and my thanks for your many gifts.

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Prayer to Helios to Greet the Sun

November 19th, 2011 (03:39 pm)

Helios, bright-crowned son of Hyperion,
granter of vision, guardian of oaths, you traverse
the broad sky in your radiant chariot.
To you, O Helios, I offer my greeting,
my praise, and my thanks for your many gifts.

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Prayer to Artemis for the Protection of the Beasts

November 19th, 2011 (02:48 pm)

I pray to Artemis, noble-hearted daughter
of Zeus, ruler of the mountain and the wood,
roamer in the wilderness. Potnia Theron
were you named of old, lady of the beasts, mistress
of the animals. Under your care are the creatures
of the field and the forest, the sea and the sky.
I pray to you, Artemis, keep safe those helpless ones
who live their lives upon the earth, shield them from harm,
defend them from those who would destroy them, guide them
to flee and to hide from perils and foes. Goddess,
Artemis, I pray to you, shelter these wild ones.

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November 19th, 2011 (11:46 am)

I praise you, Artemis, free-hearted child of Zeus
and blessed Leto, courageous goddess who roams
the wildwood with silver bow at hand. Artemis
of many names, Artemis of many lands,
your temples stood shining and tall, in cities
and in villages. In the long days of summer
the maidens dance in your honor; in Brauron
were the little she-bears under your care.
Artemis, the mountains are yours to wander,
fleet-footed and firm of step; the wilds of the world
are dear to you, O guardian of wood and of beast.
Goddess who takes joy in dance and song,
companion of the laughing nymphs in all their play,
of all young maids you are the swiftest and the strongest,
the fairest and the first, in skill and grace the greatest.

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Prayer to Artemis Before the Hunt

November 14th, 2011 (05:35 pm)

Slim-ankled Artemis, free-footed, wild-haired girl,
with steps swift and silent you run through the wood,
your bow at the ready, your shafts sharp and deadly.
Far-shooting Artemis, keen of eye and strong of arm,
your aim ever true, you take your prey, goddess,
with a single strike. Artemis, I pray to you
as I begin my hunt--may my eyes be clear,
may my hand be steady, may the shots I fire
reach my target and no other, may any kill be quick.
I am grateful, goddess, for the meat on my table.
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in the cold, in the wood, hearing the silence;
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in your world. Grant that I take on this work
with honest intent, grant that I feel the weight
of what I do, grant that I honor the lives
that feed me. Mistress of the hunt, I pray to you.

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Prayer to Tyche (Eutykhia) for Good Fortune

November 14th, 2011 (01:41 pm)
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I call to Tyche, friend of the Fates, mistress
of fair fortune who holds the rudder of all ships,
who bears the shining horn of Amalthea,
who wears the mural crown, whose face was graven
upon gold, tossed in the air when a choice need be made.
In times of old men named you Eutykhia;
they threw the dice with eyes tight shut and trusted
in your goodness. I call to you, Eutykhia,
I pray to you, O goddess, grant to me the good.

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Prayer to Euthenia for Abundance

November 14th, 2011 (03:14 am)

I pray to you, Euthenia, rich-tressed daughter
of Hephaistos and fair Aglaia, goddess
who grants the gift of abundance, that treasure
of certainty desired by all. I call to you,
Euthenia; I ask your favor. I pray to you
that we never hunger, that we never thirst,
that we ever have enough. I pray to you,
O goddess, free us from the fear of want,
grant to us the comfort of sufficiency.

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Prayer to Hestia to Bless the Home

November 14th, 2011 (02:00 am)

Home-loving Hestia, fair maid who sits by the fire,
first-born of fearful Kronos and deep-souled Rhea,
goddess who is the beating heart of every home,
tender of the altar flame, guardian of the gate,
I pray to you this day, I ask your favor.
All who pass this threshold pass into your realm,
O goddess; may all who dwell within these walls
be under your protection. Hestia, eldest
of the deathless gods, I ask your blessing
on my home and on my family. May we live
our lives in joy and love, may our larder be full,
may we be sheltered from storms, kept safe from all ill,
may only those who wish us well make their way
to our door. Be ever welcome in our home,
O Hestia; be ever present in our hearts.

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Prayer to Ariadne for Adaptive Thinking

November 13th, 2011 (07:52 pm)

Clever Ariadne, child of seagirt Crete,
wise and cunning one whose agile mind finds purchase
on the frailest of notions, the slightest of signs,
goddess who turns, and turns, and turns again
until the way is clear. Ariadne, goddess,
I am blinded by expectation, shackled
by experience, bound to the proven and the known.
Open my mind to all that is possible,
light for me the paths long abandoned, long unknown.

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Prayer to Ariadne to Find One's Way Out of Difficulty

November 13th, 2011 (05:19 pm)

Gloried Ariadne, pure one, ancient one,
whose feet trod the ground of old and storied Crete,
mistress of the labyrinth, mistress of the serpent:
to every riddle there is an answer,
to every puzzle a solution, to every trap
a sweet release. Ariadne, you know the ways
of the tangled wood, you know of complexities,
and intricacies; where others see knots and snarls
you see the patterns of the world. Ariadne,
gracious one, I am confused, I fear to move,
I cannot find my way. I pray to you, goddess,
open my eyes to the path before me, guide me
on my journey, grant me steady footing, reveal
to me my missteps, bring me to a resolution.

underflow [userpic]


November 13th, 2011 (03:43 pm)

Hephaistos of the clever hands, the artist's eye,
the craftsman's care, ingenious Hephaistos who sees
what cannot be and brings it into the world,
inventive one whose works stir awe and wonder
in all who see, whose peerless jewels adorn the throats
of goddesses fair and mighty. Hephaistos,
friend of the blacksmith, the sculptor, the wright,
friend of all who seek to join the mind's devises
to the work of the hands, granter of skill
and vision to those who honor your art, to those
who are called to your craft, to those who seek your favor.

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November 13th, 2011 (01:35 am)

Clever Ariadne, fairest daughter of Crete,
wise one, passionate one, goddess who knows much
of the heart and its demands, who woke all alone
on the white shores of Naxos, who was borne away
by wild-haired Dionysos to the high-reaching
halls of Olympos, to be his shining bride.
Graceful Ariadne, free-hearted one who dances
on the sand and in the temple, who knows the way
through any maze, who knows the way through any trouble.
Mistress of puzzles, mistress of answers, with wit
and with reflection you find the way to the self;
you find the way to the center and back again.

underflow [userpic]


November 12th, 2011 (02:58 pm)
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I praise you bright and noble Hera, great lady
of Olympos, gracious queen of the deathless gods,
dark-eyed goddess, fairest of the children of Rhea,
graceful and comely, cloaked in the starry skies,
garlanded in poppies fragrant and blood-red,
crowned in brightest gold, the lotus wand in your hand,
your form ever draped in the finest of silks,
majestic one whose blessing is sought by all,
whose gifts are treasured, whose favor is a surety
of good fortune. Hera, champion of great cities,
guardian of ancient Argos and the pretty isle
of Samos, warder of the bonds of marriage,
protector of women in the old world and the new,
unparalleled goddess, white-armed one, sovereign
of the high-reaching heavens, I honor your might.