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greekpagan's Journal

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This is a place for me to keep together my thoughts on the gods, and to write about them once in a while. Much of what is here is private, and most that isn't private is public, but you're certainly welcome to friend me despite that.

If you like the prayers I've written, please feel free to use them (just don't take credit for them :)), and I'd love to hear about it if you do. Copyright Hester Butler-Ehle and so forth.

Hellenistai Code:
BB: A1, E4, G5, α4, CPH, c4, IMT, v3, Ω3, P4
P: D1, κYA, HPO*, Γ2, M2(t), R0, τ3, Δ2
KM: B4, T3, Λ0, N3